n21-festival-fancy-fair-2017Winchmore Hill : People and Places exhibition
in The Waterhouse Hall, Compton Road N21
(Near to the Salisbury)

The N21 Festival Fancy Fair event would not be complete without a connection to our past heritage and this year is no exception. The Winchmore Hill : People and Places exhibition will take place in the Waterhouse Hall, at the top of Compton Road near to the Salisbury Pub.

The exhibition explores the relationship between past personalities of the area and the buildings and architecture that make Winchmore Hill what it is today.

Key people have made a significant impact on the look and layout of the area.

The exhibition is Illustrated using a large number of photographs and will explore the areas past and future.

John-Donnithorne taylor-250px Paulin-family 250px
John Donnithorne Taylor had a significant influence on the development of the area due to his obsession.
But what was his obsession ?
The Paulin Family were some of the most generous benefactors in the locality. Their legacy is still around today and Winchmore Hill owes them a huge debt.
Come and see what that is.

At the centrepiece of the exhibition there will be two very large aerial views of the area, contrasting the development of Winchmore Hill. 

Please don't miss this unique exhibition - for one day only !

Where is The Waterhouse Hall ?
The Waterhouse Hall is located at the back of the United Reformed Church in Compton Road. There will be signposts to the exhibition on the day and light refreshments will be served in the hall.