The Festival celebrate's Henrietta Cresswells book about Winchmore Hill

It shares it's anniversary with other organisations in the area ..

Henrietta Cresswell published her book in 1912 to help The Holy Trinity Church raise funds. There was much change in the area from the turn of the century as the railway established itself in Winchmore Hill and huge tranches of land were sold off after the death of John Donnithorne Taylor, the owner of Grovelands. He had successfully stopped the building plans of developers by buying up the land around his estate. Although the sale of the land did mean that Winchmore Hill and the surrounding area were changed beyond recognition forever, the Southgate Council did have the foresight to purchase what is now known as Grovelands Park, which celebrates it's centenary in 2013.

Others celebrating an Anniversary around 2012 include..

The Methodist Church in Green Lanes - opened it's doors in 1912

The Orange Tree pub celebrates it's centenary too in 2012 and plans a number of events to celebrate.

The Southgate District Civic trust, established in 1962, celebrates it's half-century of doing good in 2012 .

Winchmore Hill Tennis Club celebrates it's centenary in 2012

Grovelands Park celebrates it's centenary in 2013, and The Friends of Grovelands hope to organise a celebration. At the opening in April 1913 around 20,000 attended.

If you know of any other organisations or even individuals, please let us know.