The N21 Festival 16th - 23rd June 2012
The Organisers

Hugh_Humphrey_N21_Festival_June_2012.jpg Organiser : Hugh Humphrey

I came up with the idea of organising the N21 Festival to celebrate the book Winchmore Hill : Memories of a lost village in 2010, when I realised that it's centenary was imminent. I'm interested in local history and thought it would be a shame for the centenary to pass without a celebration.

Ann and I have really co-ordinated the Festival and certainly don't claim credit for it's success. The whole team below made the events what they were, and everyone had their part to play.

All we do know is that in the end there was a great week of events and a Fancy Fair that wowed Winchmore Hill !

Thanks to everyone involved, it's been one of the best experiences of my life !

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Organiser : Ann Humphrey

I have to say I was a bit skeptical initially when Hugh said that he wanted to organise a Festival. Originally it was only going to be one day - The Fancy Fair, but it soon grew when other people jumped on board.

There is no question that it has demanded a huge amount of effort and determination to achieve the end results but I have to say it has been worth it. I was heavily involved in The Fancy Fair as well as helping with most other events and it has been great to meet some wonderful people along the way that hopefully will remain life-long friends.

All I hope is that everyone enjoyed their experiences of the N21 Festival.

When I'm not organising a Festival, I work as a special needs TA in Salcombe School, Southgate.

Zoe_Ryder_N21_Festival_June_2012.jpg Organiser : Zoe Ryder
Lynne_Yazgan_N21_Festival_June_2012.jpg Organiser : Lynne Yazgan
Catherine_Drennan_N21_Festival_June_2012.jpg Organiser : Catherine Drennan
Joe_Studman_N21_Festival_June_2012.jpg Organiser : Joe Studman, Historic Walks Guide

I am a City Guide and Associate of the Institute of Tourist Guiding.
I lead City Walks for English Heritage and U3A London & Enfield Groups.
During the N21 Festival I led nine walks around Winchmore Hill. Six of them were for local schools, the others were evening walks for residents.
From this Summer I will be leading walks around Winchmore Hill, Palmers Green and Southgate. In the future I will prepare walks for the rest of the Borough of Enfield.
Find me at 

Christine_Studman_N21_Festival_June_2012.jpg Organiser : Christine Studman
Celia_Reynolds_N21_Festival_June_2012.jpg Organiser : Celia Reynolds
Nina_Anstee_N21_Festival_June_2012.jpg Organiser : Nina Anstee
Audrey_Kirby_N21_Festival_June_2012.jpg Organiser : Audrey Kirby