stalls at the n21 festival 2017

Some of the stalls that will be at the N21 Festival Fancy Fair 2017


 Lanyon-Hogg Architects & fyrbox

We are architects and interior designers. The stall will be filled with colour and ideas for homes and flats. Retro and new designs. There will be lighting samples to hold, coloured glass to look through and fabrics to touch. There will also be an informal advice table for people with questions about planning, building or other property questions.



 Bistro Gautier

Hot Gourmet French Food - Steak Hache, Chicken Provencale - Paella



Wright’s Flour Mills are Enfield’s oldest business and London’s only flour mill who specialise in making the very best quality flours and mixes for baking. All made by a family business with 150 years milling know how.

With it's 17th century mill flanked by a Georgian mill house and Georgian offices, and close by, a 16th century great barn and numerous other listed buildings, Ponders End Mills is one of the most complete groupings of historical industrial buildings still being worked in Greater London. This rare survivor is set within meadows bisected by a tributary of the River Lea, and is something of an oasis in Ponders End's industrial landscape. However, appearances can be deceptive as behind the historic facade is a large, modern food-factory - with a number of state-of-the-art facilities - which operates to standards of quality and hygiene, which satisfy the most discerning of clients.

When George Wright first came to Ponders End Mills some 150 years ago, he established a simple business principle - products which were to bear his name would be made with only the finest ingredients, using the most modern techniques. Four generations later, this principle is still being followed by his great, great grandson David Wright.



We are offering Greek souvlaki/kebabs/gyros wraps with salad and fries


Sugar and Style

We are a small London based fashion brand, we design all the products ourselves and get them manufactured in small factories in the UK and Paris.  We are an upcoming fashion label who has been featured in publications such as Grazia, Marie Claire and Look magazine.


 Home Care Preferred

We are providers of homecare for a wide range of clients, ensuring that they can remain at home in an environment that is comfortable and familiar while receiving the highest standards of care.

As well as our extensive range of services we are also providers of a wide selection of accessibility and mobility living equipment to be used at home to help with mobility, rehabilitation and supporting independence. We offer extensive advice on using equipment and we can ensure that each client can make the right choice for them.

Our clients maintain as much independence as possible and their self-respect which is vital for quality of life and well-being.


 Restore Community Church

Restore Community is a new churched based in Winchmore Hill. We meet on Sundays at Winchmore School and our heart is to serve our local community. The purpose of our stand will be to share with local residents the activities which we currently run and get feedback to see how we can more effectively serve the N21 Community.


 Get Fit with Sonia

I will be promoting Zumba Fitness for all ages,beginners and advanced,Keep Fit  and Chair classes for those unable to stand or in wheelchairs. There will be promotions and free trials for those that sign up on the day.



I am a professional photographer specialising in wedding's, event's and corporate work. 

   The Winchmore

 Palmers Green High School

To inform the local community of the benefits of independent education which is right on their doorstep.  It will be an opportunity for pupils and our new headmistress to talk to visitors and perhaps display the many activities they take part in music, choir, drama etc.


 Winchmore Hill Clinic of Osteopathy and Natural Health

We are a natural health clinic with many different specialists such as Osteopaths, Acupuncturist, Psychotherapists, Hypnotherapist, Physiotherapist, Pilates teachers etc. We can offer advice and health screening such as blood pressure monitoring and general lifestyle advice.


 Life Vantage

The product is called Protandim. This is a daily tablet, composed of 5 natural ingredients, that when taken together are scientifically proven to dramatically increase the body's own production of anti-oxidants, to a degree that cannot be achieved with anti-oxidant supplements. This has been shown to reduce levels of cellular oxidative stress in adults to those of a teenager, which produces a wealth of positive health effects including younger looking skin, improved sleep, higher energy and the aleviation of aches and pains.
Protandim has been launched in the UK in April 2016 and I am increadibly lucky to be in a position to share it.


 Yianna's Baking Delights

My cakes are homemade, I have a dedicated kitchen at home just for baking. I make Greek cakes with pistachio and rose water and almond and rose water. My brownies have been very popular for many years with friends and colleagues who encouraged me to start my own cake business. I bake a variety of cakes and use Cyprus brandy, free range eggs and shop locally. I am attending a week long baking course in Jaunary in Greenwich to update my skills and gain new ones. I also make 100% Cotton napkins and t-towels for my cake stalls.


 Winchmore Hill Residents Assoction

Information on Residents Association


 Holtwhites Bakery

Enfield's award-winning independent artisan bakery. Products made daily on our bakery retail premises in Chase Side Enfield using the highest quality ingredients.


 My Elements

As a company we personalise products to our customer needs. We will have some personalised products for the festival. Our last show within N21 we personalised mugs say "We love N21" with a picture of the old Green. We would bring a range of products like Mugs, Bookmarks and Teddy Bears.



 Hazelwood Sports Club

Local tennis/squash/gym selling memberships and coaching


 Sand Art

We are an arts and crafts stall that cater to the creative minds from ages 3-100 .. pictures are purchased and kids/adults spend about 30 miniutes using our 12 coloured sands to complete their picture.


 Secret Pillow Project

 A Secret Pillow is a pillow that unfolds into a blanket. Our pillows are made by women's groups in India who face severe cultural, economic and social challenges. By joining our programme these women begin their journey to financial independence and within two years we have grown our network to just over 300 producers. The pillows come in an incredible range of colours and our collections include bright and bold Indian fabrics as well as sleek and simple designs. Our newest product is the Secret Dress (a wrap around dress made from vintage saris) which launched on Crowdfunder last year and is made by women living in safe houses in urban India. We would love to host a stall at your event and invite more and more people to unfold women's power by buying a pillow and becoming part of our movement.


 Capel Manor College

We will be selling our College and our Gardens