David Burrowes MP for Enfield Southgate after the May 2010 General Election talks about Broomfield House

N21.net recently interviewed David Burrowes to find out what his views were on the events since the election and whether any of the pledges made in his manifesto were threatened by the change in the local council to labour control and the emergence of a coalition government. Heres what he had to say

On Broomfield House...


(Edited transcript)

Broomfield House has obviously been a symbol of just decades of neglect and indecision and as we know at long last there was a commitment from Boris. We have agreed a deal, which was that he would fund (the project) from his pot of money to restore old houses and  to provide sheltered accommodation.

The long and short of it is that there was a commitment to nearly £6 million from the Mayor to restore Broomfield House and provide sheltered accommodation, public access to view this house as it should be, together with a community room and a cafĂ©.

The council were told to go off and make sure that the outline bid had real detail to it and that it was a goer.  They went back to the Mayor and he agreed “yes” it was viable and so for the first time for years money is now in the coffers of the council to proceed with the project.

So £500,000 was delivered to the council shortly before the election. I made sure it was in the the council’s coffers and now are able to appoint a project manager who can then set about delivering the project.

What we were assured was that within this financial year the money that was allocated will be spent. That was £500,000, and then that is, that the £5 million or so will be part of the next allocation from the mayor which has to be approved by top ministers, so it is all systems go and there is a green light to restore Broomfield House.

You know it is cash-strapped times and £6 million is a lot of money given the context of everything else that needs to be funded and it is important there isn’t any wavering and that we make sure that we move on from this stage of this project manager doing what he has to do to the next stage which is confirmation of the full allocation of money to restore the building.

The plan for the delivery will be in the years 2011-12 and we will be there and ready as a great celebration - not only can we celebrate the Olympics we can celebrate the restoration of the house.