Find out about the Candidates for the Enfield Southgate Constituency Elections on Thursday May 6th 2010

The N21 decision.
Start familiarising yourself with the names that will appear on the ballot paper.
We profile the candidates.
There are ten candidates standing to become the Enfield Southgate MP.
See the video profile here.. have put together the statements they have sent to us with any other details they want to promote their cause. We have also offered them the chance to present themselves using video. The videos are between 2 - 4 minutes long and give you a taster of the person, the party and what they will do for the constituency. Consider each candidate on their merits.

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Samad Billoo
Respect : Peace, Justice, Equality Candidate

I have been selected by the Respect Party as the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Enfield Southgate constituency. I have lived in Enfield for the past eighteen years. I am well aware of the issues that affect local residents the most. Our social and economic conditions have been made worse by the New Labour policies and now all three parties want to make BIG cuts in public services.

I stand for Investment NOT cuts, fairer taxation, affordable housing, troops out of Afghanistan, stopping Islamophobia, and for community cohesion, where everyone lives in peace and harmony and supports each other. At the General Election I urge you to vote for me to change policies and not just the faces. 

The Respect Party Website
Samad Billoo Website
Samad Billoo leaflet front
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Bob Brock
UK Independence Party Candidate

Mr Brock stated he did not wish to provide any material or allocate the time to a video as he was in essence "a paper candidate".


David Burrowes
The Conservative Party Candidate

It has been a great privilege since 2005 to have represented the constituency I have lived in all my life. First in Cockfosters, then Winchmore Hill for 11 years and now in Southgate with my wife Janet and six children and we are actively involved in community life –local schools, church and community groups. I have worked hard to support voluntary groups, schools, and businesses. Having been a local councillor and solicitor for 11 years as well as a governor of 3 schools I have the knowledge and experience to be a strong advocate locally and nationally for Enfield Southgate. Whether those individual cases have been high profile, as with Gary Mckinnon, fighting to stop his extradition to the US, or low profile such as fighting for better provision of special educational needs or elderly care. I have championed causes such as improved provision for young people and elderly care, led campaigns such as against Labour’s cuts to A&E and maternity services and in support of local shops. I have helped solve the two oldest local problems by securing improvements to the North Circular Road and the restoration of Broomfield House. I have always been transparent about my expenses and have never claimed for a second home. But it is time for a change of Government to rebuild our economy, improve our health and education services, strengthen families, help the vulnerable and earn people’s trust.  

My key campaign pledges are:

1. Stop cuts to A&E and maternity services and provide better access to G.P. and dental services.
2. Improve police response to crime. Increase drug and alcohol rehabilitation.
3. Improve standards in local schools and provide more training and vocational opportunities.
4. Provide community use for Old Southgate Town Hall.
5. Regenerate North Circular Road and New Southgate.
6. Restore Broomfield House.
7. Protect and enhance parks and open spaces.

What have 2 well known local people said about me?

Gary Mckinnon: "It's true that I've never voted Conservative before but David Burrowes my MP has worked tirelessly on my behalf and works tirelessly for the good of his constituents. David has spoken up for me many times in Parliament. He is sincere to the core and his expenses have always been online and transparent for all to see and are incredibly low.
I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending people to support David's re-election, as he is a good man and very capable in every way and does not shy away from fighting for the rights of those he represents, even when that fight is a difficult one "

‘Stavros Flatley’ (finalists in ITV’s ‘Britain’s Got Talent’)  : “I know that David is very involved in the local community. Our sons used to be in the same local swimming club and David is a governor at my son’s school. David has worked hard for our community and been a strong voice for us. He’s got talent!”

The Conservative Party Website
David Burrowes Website
David Burrowes Leaflet front
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Bambos Charalambous
The Labour Party Candidate


Johar Khan
Liberal Democrats Candidate



Peter Krakowiak
Green Party Candidate

Peter has lived in Enfield for seven years and works for a London based housing charity. He is a keen cyclist and has successfully negotiated the bike to work scheme at his place of work. He actively supports both the London Cycling Campaign and Sustrans. As a housing practitioner Peter sees first hand the effects of poor quality houses on the life chances of those forced to live in them. He wants to see the provision of more affordable homes for rent. Peter is also supporting tenants along the A406 in their fight against eviction by Notting Hill Housing Trust.

In his spare time, Peter likes to take longer cycle trips out of town, swimming, walking and travel

The Green Party Website
Peter Krakowiak website
Peter Krackowiak leaflet

 Mal_the_warrior_independent candidate_enfield_southgate_london.jpg

Mal The Warrior Malakounides



Doctor Asit Mukhopadhyay
Independent Candidate

Caring, understanding and trusted local GP in Southgate N14 for nearly 30 years.

Leading in clinical governance, modernisation and computerisation of primary healthcare in GP practices.

Facilitating the management of change.

Negotiating to save the 24/7 Consultant-led Accident & Emergency department at Chase Farm Hospital in Enfield.

Dedicated to providing an excellent office in Southgate to deal with individual problems and concerns, and developing a local forum to discuss important issues, regardless of age, race or political belief; and aiming to work with all parties to develop a consensus in NHS and Social Care reform, by being involved in the parliamentary sub-committee of MPs on health.


Doctor Asit Mukopadhyay website
Doctor Asit Mukopadhyay leaflet front
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Jeremy Sturgess
A Better Britain for all Candidate

Britain today is in a mess. People have lost respect for one another. Violent Crime is rife. Our city streets are not safe at night. Britain’s youth are angry and unemployed. There is a total lack of respect for authority. Inequality is everywhere. Politicians are despised. Parents are despairing. Bankers are bonkers. The Public Finances are out of control. Political Correctness prevents people from expressing their real views. Health and Safety inspectors rule our every move. Immigration policy is not freely discussed for fear of causing offence.
Britain does not need to be like this. We must reclaim our country and establish a Better Britain for all. Britain needs real leadership that is not afraid to tell it how it is and make bold decisions to address our national decline.
Our 3 point plan for a Better Britain addresses the key issues and we pledge they will be implemented within the life of our first term in office. There are many other policies that need to be implemented and you will find these in our manifesto. Built from a standpoint of good old fashioned common sense I hope you will agree our beloved country will be transformed for the good with these sensible policies.
I hope you will join us to build a Better Britain. It is not too late to make a Better Britain.

The Better Britain Party
Jeremy Sturgess Website
Jeremy Sturgess leaflet front
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Ben Weald
English Democrats - "Putting England First!" Candidate

My name is Ben Weald and I am the candidate for Enfield Southgate for the English Democrats - we are a nationalistic party who want to put the people of England first.

Being English or being a person of England has nothing to do with skin colour or religon it is to do with how you feel and if you are like me, You are passionate about your country.

Born and Bred in the Borough of Enfield I grew up here, went to school and got married here and have worked for the last 21 years at ASDA.

I am profoundly deaf with a cochlear implant and have a passion for honesty which is what I will take to the house of commons if elected - I am not a career politicain nor am I an expert - but I am happy to learn and want to be the voice of the people of Southgate.

A vote for me is a vote for withdrawl from the corrupt and unelected EU and also a vote for a person who wants to be your voice in parliment and let you have your say.

English Democrats Website
Ben Weald Website
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