How to add an Event to the website

There are a number of steps to add an event to the website. We need to prevent spammers and automated systems filling with unwanted, irrelevant information, and so we approve all submissions before they become visible. This usually happens the same day.

1. Click on Login/Join at the top of the homepage

2. Either Join or enter your login details.

3. Once you have logged in, an "Add an Event" entry will appear in the "Add information to" section on the left hand side.

4. Click on "Add an Event"

5. Firstly, Check to see if the venue of your event is already listed. We are adding to the Venue listing all the time.

6 If the Venue is NOT listed, stop entering information and email us the details of the venue. We need the Full postal address of the venue, contact details for that venue and a picture of the venue if possible. This will only ever need to be done once. This way we ensure all venues are correctly described, not duplicated and can be used by other organisations. Wait until we let you know the venue is available. (If you intend to add future events, let us know all the venue information in one email, then you are done.)

6. If the Venue IS listed, select the Venue and enter all the details for your event.

7. When you are happy with your submission, click on Save. You will be able to edit your event later if circumstances change.

Advice on what to enter on for your event.

You want your event to be as visible to Google as possible dont you? People rarely enter a website address - they always just "Google it" so bear that in mind when you enter your event. Enter the key verbs and phrases that make your event unique and ensure you read your entry from someone trying to find it on Google point-of-view !

Please do not use capitals in your entry - it's a widely held view that this is shouting.

Please enter a picture if you can - it makes the entry much more interesting. 

If you do need any help, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.


Is it Free ?
Yes, it is.

Can a business add an event?
Yes, so long as you are in N21 and you are not just advertising your business. It must be an event. There is no charge. If you are outside of N21 and want to add events, you need to pay. Contact for details.