N21 Festival
Get involved in this volunteer event

We need lots of help to make the N21 Festival a success. From delivering leaflets to negotiating with suppliers - your community needs you ! This will be a fantastic event for all ages and as Henrietta's book says, the village wanted a Festival that would be long-remembered !

All of the people involved in the N21 Festival are offering their services free of charge and are doing so for the good of the community.

We have lots of interested people, but that's not to say that we don't need more !

All of us have busy lives, so the more people that are part of the team, the less each individual needs to do to get a brilliant result !

We have vacancies in all departments, so if you would like to meet new friends and associates, all from the local area, why not offer your skills for a short time, or come along to the next meeting and have a chat ?

The current ages of people involved range from 17 to 94 and all have the same enthuseasm for the area and the event.

The weeks events

We really need a specific person (or a couple of friends) to organise the weeks events. We already have the individuals organising the events themselves, we just need someone to pull it all together. We need to avoid clashes,  duplicating similar events and a way of maximising our venues. Could you help ? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The sponsorhip team are about to start contacting local businesses and organisations, now we have some idea of what will be happening in the Festival. Why not join them ? We need as many experienced people as possible and it's a great way to network yourself in the local community.

Social Networking

We understand the power of Facebook and Twitter and will be using these networks vigorously to promote the Festival and individual events. Why not be part of this . We need experienced Tweeters and Facebookers !


The Marketing department at the N21 Festival are doing a great job - but you can help too. Come and meet them at the next meeting..

The Fancy Fair

There are so many aspects to this , that you can get involved on any level ! Dealing with Enfield Council, The Police and Bus companies, Health and Safety, organising a stage and bands, events on The Green, marshalls, stalls, the list goes on. If you want to get involved there is something you can help with, so please let us know by completing the form in the link below.


We are organising an Historical Exhibition, a Photographic exhibition and an Art Exhibition - involving venues, services, entries, judging to name a few. Come along and help us - it will all happen , but with you being involved it may be easier and better !


We don't want the historical significance of the Henrietta Cresswell book to be lost in everyone's enthuseasm - help to keep a consistent theme running through all the week...

Your own event

Why not organise your own event as part of The Festival ? We will promote it and help you to organise it, that's what a Festival can do that you as a single organisation or individual can't. Just get in touch and we'll tell you how we can help.

If you would like to help in any way please complete the form by clicking here.